New competitiveness for Nordic energy companies

  • More customers through better digital customer journeys

  • Increased quality through more automation

  • More flexibility through an open platform

Why choose Utility Cloud

Sales and customer management

Effective handling of customers and contracts through marketing sales and marketing tools

Product and settlement

Advanced product handling in a simple and flexible way. Automatic settlement for better quality.

Invoicing and collection

Efficient and flexible handling of automatic invoicing.

Insight and analysis

Insight the business needs to make the right decisions.

API management and security

API and security first. All features and services come with an API or data stream.

My page and online ordering

Digitized customer journeys in smart apps and automatic online ordering services.

Utility Cloud streamlines the entire value chain

Utility Cloud is a cloud service that automates and streamlines energy companies through innovative and forward-looking solutions. Quality increases, while the possibility of human error decreases. We deliver solutions for both electricity, district heating and power generation companies.

Do you want to help change the energy market?

Join our entrepreneurial journey, which has made a mark in the energy market at record speed. We need wise minds with different types of expertise. Read more about Utility Cloud as a workplace and check out our vacancies.