About us

Utility Cloud is a young company with extensive experience from the energy industry

Renewable energy is the solution for a sustainable future. Utility Cloud develops the solutions that shape the energy companies of the future

A Norwegian success story

Utilty Cloud was started in autumn 2019 by a group of entrepreneurs who saw the need for a forward-looking digital platform for the energy market. Just one year after the start, the first three customers were live with Utility Cloud. Today, 20% of Norwegian measuring points are handled in our platform, and we will continue to grow in the Nordics and Europe in the years to come. We are owned by our employees and funded by our customers. We intend to continue with that.

Smart solutions for the energy market

The energy companies have an increasingly high need for efficiency and quality, while at the same time consumers want simple digital solutions. This places great demands on the IT solutions in the energy market. Utility Cloud has developed a platform that has been created to digitize and streamline the energy industry. Smart technology makes our customers efficient and flexible, so they can win in a dynamic, digital and volatile market.

A cleaner future

The green transition depends on new technology that changes the way energy is produced and consumed. Our ambition is for the Utility Cloud to play a significant role in this transformation. We carry out continuous product development driven by the market's needs, and new drivers in the market for an even cleaner energy market.

Meet the management team

We create digital solutions for a cleaner future

Our Vision

Our Values

Our values are important guidelines for all our employees


We must be transparent with customers and partners

Solution oriented

We must always focus on finding the best solutions for our customers


Nothing should be at the expense of quality