Product and Settlement

Dynamic portfolio

Faster time-to-market

Energy products can be complex and with volatile prices time-to- market is essential. Utility Cloud makes it easy to build creative and complex products. The platform also makes it possible to quickly adapt to the market with a dynamic product portfolio.

Improved quality

Automatic settlement

Daily settlement provides better insight and more flexible invoicing with higher quality. Utility Cloud not only settles the measurement points daily automatically, it also handles corrections, credits and product changes back in time automatically. It increases the quality of the invoice, reduces resource use, and gives customers better insight into digital surfaces.

Attractive fixed price agreements

Financial products

Volatile electricity prices mean that price protection products are becoming increasingly relevant and in demand in the market. Utility Cloud has intelligent solutions for you to build advanced products to ensure consumption volumes at different prices. It gives customers predictability, while offering attractive products at a time of volatile energy prices entails a lower risk.

Installment solution

Flexible downpayment solutions

Customers are demanding solar panels and electric chargers like never before, and often on installments. Utility Cloud offers smart, simple and automatic solutions for your customers to pay for products in monthly instalments.