Invoicing and Collection

Increased quality

Automatic invoicing

Invoicing has been a resource-intensive process with a high risk of manual errors. Utility Cloud automates the invoicing process to reduce resource usage and to increase quality. Security mechanisms ensure that invoicing is scalable, robust and with a low risk of error.

Meet customer needs

Simple and flexible invoice handling

Different customer groups have different needs for ways of receiving and handling invoices. Utility Cloud provides the flexibility you need to adapt to your customers' needs in a simple way. It provides good customer satisfaction and ensures liquidity.

Reduced risk

Efficient and flexible invoicing

Pass-through billing has a large financial risk for electricity companies. It places high demands on quality . Utility Cloud has smart and automatic solutions that ensure flexible through-invoicing and invoicing without the need for manual processing. This provides increased quality and lower financial risk.

Better management

Always up-to-date accounts

Accounting is a crucial tool for safe financial management. Utility Cloud has an integrated ledger in your ERP system so that you always have up-to-date accounts in accordance with laws and regulations. It streamlines accounting processes and provides better financial insight.