Thank you for a demanding and wonderful 2022!

We look back on a terrific year together with our customers and partners. The highlights and challenges have come in succession, and we are already looking forward to 2023.

Strong and varied customer growth

Six new companies and almost 300,000 measurement points went live on UtilityCloud during the year. District heating, the large customer market and end-user services have been central to deliveries this year. This has made UtilityCloud a platform with a wide range of services and capabilities. The strong customer growth has also made UtilityCloud a robust platform that scales and provides economies of scale through standardization.

Organization in continuous development

We have doubled the number of employees to 32 exceptionally competent people. The balance between delivering solid and innovative services, while we have onboarded many new companies has been demanding this year. It has challenged the way we collaborate with our customers, organize and structure deliveries, and not least that we learn along the way. The result has been a highly efficient, flexible and solid organization that is strongly equipped for growth in the coming years.

Demanding year for the energy market

The energy market has been particularly challenging for both consumers and suppliers this year. Volatile prices, liquidity squeezes and frequent media reports have become everyday life for the energy companies. This everyday routine will continue in the coming year. We are humbled and proud of the trust our customers have placed in us to help them through this demanding period. Together, we will strengthen UtilityCloud with new innovative solutions that give our customers great competitiveness in a very demanding market.

2023 will be an important year for the energy market. Thank you to all of you who challenge us to be better every day. UtilityCloud will take new big steps in the coming year! We look forward!

Happy New Year!