We are launching the new UtilityCloud Mypage App

The need for good digital solutions for end users is growing strongly. We have now developed a framework to offer attractive digital user experiences to energy customers.

Need for good user experiences

The apps for the electricity companies are among the most used apps in the past year. Customers want control and an overview of their electricity contracts. We are now launching a new user-friendly, cost-effective and flexible app that gives end customers a good user experience.

Price, consumption and invoice

The app offers the most requested services on the market. Price information adapted to the customer's electricity contract, including tomorrow's price. Always updated consumption in both kWh and amount down to the hourly level. With ongoing billing, the customer will always have a detailed overview of their upcoming invoice.

Order and change electricity contracts

Customers can create electricity contracts and change electricity contracts with a few clicks. It is possible to set advanced rules on which products customers can order at any time.


It is important to have a clear profile in today's energy market. The app can of course be branded with your company's logo and colors as required.


Customers expect development and new services. There are several exciting services under development, including push notifications, content editing and integrations with third parties.

New app with new framework

The UtilityCloud app is built on Flutter, which provides native functionality for both iOS, Android and browsers. The authentication solution is based on Firebase for high security combined with user-friendly login.

Third parties

There are an incredible number of exciting players who solve important challenges for their customers. We want to work with everyone who offers exciting services in the energy market. Get in touch if you want to offer your solutions to Nordic energy customers through the app.

Build or offer your own app?

It is important for energy companies to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, we also have all the APIs and data streams that give your business everything it needs to be able to build smart and good customer experiences.